Whether it’s a Pomeranian scaling the Christmas tree in Chicago to get to them, or a Italian greyhound/Chihuahua mix bouncing to the height of the kitchen counter in Lansing, Shayla’s Flavorites are proven to be the flavorite of many dogs. Here’s what folks are saying about Shayla’s Flavorites:

Laurie, Missouri

"The dogs LOVED the treats! I wish you could have seen their noses lift and start sniffing like crazy the second I opened the package. They actually still have a few… every time I open the bag, they all run over to me and sit perfectly. Its great!"

Tonatzin, Michigan

"All I can tell you is that my dogs woofed them down, licked their chops and were looking for more!!!  They were gone that quick!!!"

Cheryl, North Carolina

“Just received your package and the toys and treats are a big hit. They absolutely love the treats. Benji is loving the squeaky toy and won't let it out of his sight. Thanks so much.”

Watson & Lilly, Michigan

"“I was quite fearful that my Shaylas Flavorites treats wouldn't get here on Sat. and Lilly and I would be going into with-drawls. I should have known though...they ship right away and are always here in two days, they are the only treats mom buys"

Meigunn, Czechoslovakian Vlcak, Michigan

"I went to the trick or Treat in town last weekend we got to walk around downtown and they hand out cookies for us. I did not like any of them , I only like home made organic cookies made by the nice lady at Shayla's Flavorites. We stopped by her booth and visited with Kira and Shayla."

Ellen, Michigan

"Thank you so much for the treats. As predicted, Honey adores them. She's come so far from that wild animal I got from the Puppy Mill 7 months ago. She'll go out and squeeze a couple of drops just so she can get one of those treats when she comes in. Smart little girl."

Pamela, Michigan

"I wanted to give you some feedback about the Eco-Bone Toys from West Paw Design we bought. Immediately we noticed staining on them and have since discovered the tarter build up on their teeth has cleaned up significantly. So happy."

Becky, Maryland

"Shaylas Favorites are a hit with the pack. My Brook is 16 and a very fussy old lady who thoroughly inspects any treat offered to her. Well she did inspect her Shaylas Flavorite treat and then snatched it out of my hand. Now they are taken with enthusiasm and no long sniff. My Eskie, Lyra, loves the bone toy and as it has rained for the past two days -- it is a great fetch toy to give her some exercise. Thank you -- you are the best!”

Leslie, Virginia

“Christmas came early for our pups. We got our shipment from Shaylas Flavorites today! They always adds in a little something extra when you place an order, but this time, all I ordered was some frog toys and mini alpaca balls for the puppies. All of the dogs got some yummy Shayla's treats in Christmas shapes and I got an extra special gift. Thank you! The dogs and I love your stuff! “

Shayla Shayla